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A 3D Printed Fantasy Wargame Terrain Piece - Stone Fountain. Three options: * Water * Skulls - Blood * Ruins Or you can get the three of them in a bundle. Model supplied unpainted - and you assemble it each time you want to use it or transport it. You can paint it and drybrush it for a beautiful


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Chris Da Silva

Medieval Tower - 28mm Building - Tabletop - Terrain - Diorama - Wargaming


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Miniature Terrain Tutorial - Realistic Stone Texture

Miniature Terrain Tutorial - Realistic Stone Texture


Tiny Solitary Soldiers, 15mm buildings from boxes. just need a bit bigger ones for 40k.


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Bildergalerie - Tabletop Fantasy



WARHAMMER FREAK FACTORY - fotos de elementos de escenografia - FOTOS DE MINIATURAS


Tharses Project - EN: Mechanicus terrain


Ruined temple by Ronald van der Gragt




Wargaming terrain made of trash

Wargaming terrain made of trash


Diorama - Destroyed Building, Miyeon Kim


South Island Wargaming, New Zealand. • View topic - Mordheim terrain



brushforthebrushgod: ARCHON is done! Posed on terrain at warhammer world where incidentally, my blood angels got their arses handed to them by daves hodge podge marines!



Jungle Table

I’m officially done with my jungle table V2. I’m quite happy with the end result even if I could still improve some details. Anyway, have a look and tell me what you think of it. Kibo


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Casa rustica #MiniatureWoodworkingProjects


Warhammer compound??? Scrap model frames....


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Abandoned Blast Furnace Facility [OC]


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What is included in this build?The terrain pieces shown in the photos listed. This terrain can be used for wargaming, ttrpgs, warhammer, dungeons and dragons, model railroad, dioramas, and more. Photos are a reference of my work not the exact pieces you will receive.Are you curious about the materials and techniques used?This terrain is handcrafted out of XPS Foam and painted with a hard coat that consists of acrylic paint, glue, water, and varnish. Each piece is then painted with several layers of acrylic paint consisting of an undercoat, and base tone, and a highlight. Several techniques could be used to get the desired look including over brushing, dry brushing, washes, glazing, sponge painting, and spray painting.Want me to modify the build for you?I will build to suit. If you would like to match this piece of terrain to other pieces you are ordering feel free to hit me up. If you need your terrain build to match anything outside of what I make please feel free to message me either before you order or immediately after you order and we can work something out. I can match pretty much any landscape. Just let me know.Why the extended handling time?The extended handling time for this item is due to the handcrafted nature of the project. Most of my builds are made to order in order to cater to those who desire modifications to the build. I am currently averaging around 10 builds a week and where I work a full-time job it may take me some time to get to your build. Regardless, I religiously find free time and do good at getting things shipped out on time.Do you want to know exactly how I ship the builds?I take pride in my shipping and try to ship my builds out the way I would expect them to come to me if I were purchasing. I ship all terrain in cardboard boxes using tissue paper, new plastic bags, and either foam packing peanuts or air cushioning pillows. I ship first class mail which normally takes 2-5 business days for the package to reach its destination.What about commission work?Go ahead and hit me up about any commission ideas you have. I can formulate a price and create a private listing just for you.


Making your battlefield terrain look better!

Click on the photo to enlarge it. This is an example of filling all of the open space on a gaming table with low cost, easy-to-make terrain features. The photo is of Scott Mingus’ s 15mm layo…


Rampage Ruined Gothic Abbey 15mm 28mm 32mm Wargaming Terrain | Etsy

“Ruined Gothic Abbeys retain much of the serenity they posses when intact.” The Ruined Gothic Abbey is a building designed for use in tabletop or role-playing games in a historical or fantasy setting. It also includes several pieces of scattered ruin parts (e.g. broken columns). The 28mm version




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